Controlling Signals

by Fredk 18. July 2013 00:35


If a controlling signal has no energy or mass -then its speed can be infinite.  It can penetrate anything and control all sources of energy near it.  It has no energy or mass to slow its speed down.  It has complete control of signal energy in its frenquency range.  Controlling signals which have energy and inherent mass must obey mass energy relationships.  Controling signals with full energy must travel according to the light speed limitation.  They cannot penetrate anything and everything without influencing mass that they pass through in some way.

Example: The Electron shell completion signal created when an Xray beam bombards a substance such as Sulfur Completely oxidized where the shell is completed by oxygen forming the Skb1x signal in the process which lowers all background energies around it for it to be visible.  The Phosporus oxidation electron shell completion effect should be similar.

This also means that an energyless signal can control all mass through the mass-energy relationship.  It has absolute power.  From the Skb1x data, it means it exists in absolute power units which have no energy.  For a 6.023 x 10 to the 23rd power effect there would be required to be 6.023 x 10 to the 23rd atoms giving off this signal. 


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